Personal Growth

“What would happen if I…”

This is the single best though that can ever cross your mind.

It’s packed full of inspiration, hope, wonder, and almost always is something that’s pushing you outside your comfort zone. Assuming you’re not “what if”-ing about tossing someone off a tall building. (But if you are, I can help you with correcting that, even if they kinda deserve it. Ok. no more fantasizing about who we’d toss off a building.)

I stumbled upon this new way of looking at change and personal growth while using the super nerdy cool science in my change program after taking a long hard look at myself as both a student of the material and coach of the material.

As good as the science and methodology was, it *could* still fail if not used in earnest. Humans have a hard time embarking on change in the first place, but when they have to confront the reasons for the status quo as part of the change process there this nasty monster that creeps in and kinda hijacks the process: shame.

95% of the people on this planet will never endeavor to do the kind of change work I teach do and that I walk my students through – and I hope to make certain that they are reminded of this fact. THEY ARE FREAKING SUPERHEROES for setting out on this journey! It’s scary, tough, exciting, revealing, surprising, exhausting, and freeing. The brain likes only a few of those things and never for very long.

So when shame creeps in, self-judgment takes hold, doubt fills every empty space in our heads and hearts, a perspective shift is necessary. That was the big ahHA moment I had recently. If we could all BEGIN the change and growth process with a different perspective, we’d get farther, it would feel more friendly, with less ability for judgement and shame to rear their butt-ugly heads (ok. maybe butts aren’t so ugly – I know a few cute ones myself) and it would be easier to recover when the inevitable happens: relapse.

(btw, relapse is a normal part of the process of change and should be expected and welcomed because it means you’ve leveled up! people tend to feel defeated by relapse but I see it differently and I’ll save that thought for a different post. I could write a novel on the beauty of relapse, or plateauing as I call it.)

This brings me to the new perspective I’ve chosen to start everyone with and the perspective I’ve chosen to take myself through this lifelong change, betterment, and growth journey.

Curiosity and experimentation.

Now, before you get concerned about the experimentation thing because I’ve already mentioned my methodologies are all based on solid, empirical science, think about it this way: every single attempt at finding the right change and change process for you – no matter the method – IS an experiment! After working this program for myself 5 times, and teaching it 3, I’ve found that we are never truly clear on the first attempt at what we want to change. Humans need to explore first.

Consider it being like an infant or toddler. They explore the world in many ways that as an adult we would never do. Imagine putting cardboard in your mouth, eating cat toys, even slapping your cut-up spaghetti strands with your hand to see what will happen. That beautiful! And we don’t fault them for giving it a try even though we keep them safe by not allowing dangerous things in their cute little pie holes. Instead, we guide them and explain kindly though it may take some time for them to understand.

This is the coach’s job: to guide while you explore the inner workings of you and start piecing together your world in a way that makes sense. And we happen to use the same methods little ones use to make sense of the world: observation, trying things out, and watching what happens with the results. If the results please us (spaghetti flies across the kitchen, hits the wall, and makes Mom jump, causing the baby to laugh) then we do it again.

We’re built for exploration and growth. The human brain is wired for it. We are never meant to stop learning more and expanding our neural pathways.

Why do adults tend to stagnate after formal education is finished? Because we’re conditioned to just begin life and not question society’s idea of what life is supposed to look like. And to be honest, that sucks.

So this change journey begins today, January 2nd, for a new group of curious beings who want to see what else is inside. It’s a free challenge over 8 days and I want to invite you to join. Even if it’s January 8th, you can still get in, catch up, and join the exploratory fun. It’s not live, though there is new content and mini-challenges daily.

If you’ve ever been curious about WHY, HOW, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I… then this will be a super cool place for you to start a new year and new decade. Join my free Facebook group HERE to partake in the curiosity and exploration.

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