... It's time to move forward.
As promised, I won't let you fall into the too common trap of collecting ideas and how-tos and freezing as they pile up endlessly.
Last month's video inspiration has expired, and that's great news for you! It means you have no choice (our brains get weird about too many choices) but to grab the link for THIS months new video and since you're here, you clearly had at least a few minutes to get super inspired :)

Reminder: use these monthly Rabbit Hole videos at whatever level of inspiration makes most sense to YOU! Sometimes, just watching is all that we need to do to be filled up. Sometimes we're inspired to do the project. And hopefully, you become so energized with inspiration that your overflowing with ideas and a few techniques from these videos to create your own amazing, weird, authentic, unique art that comes from deep within your soul.

No beating yourself up for not watching or following every moment. That's why these expire so your brain is free to move to the next one, but there will aways be one available to you. Creativity and a super healthy dose of creative coaching <3

You've got this, .