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The Lemon Water Ritual

Yes. I am going to tell you about my seemingly plain, simple, uninspiring lemon water wake up because it’s the start of everything – most notably the start of my day.

I used to watch a friend’s mother order hot water and lemon at restaurants and thought, “How cheap.” Flavored hot water without paying for the teabag.

Whoa. Judgemental much, Kara?

And then I caught (yes, caught) my brother-in-law, hubby’s older brother, drinking it at home. By choice. Yes, I said by choice because I just didn’t get it.

Then, I got into a cool group of entrepreneurs, mostly digital entrepreneurs and marketers, and one of them lives by her morning lemon water. BUT she took the time one day to explain why as she was advocating for good morning rituals to love your body.

Ok. When someone shares a simple and powerful body hack that ADDS to my day (rather than restricting it) I’m all over that shiz!

It does all sorts of good things for your body such as supporting your liver in clearing out toxins; jump-starts your metabolism and digestion (morning poops are good for you); the vitamin C is good for you, improves your skin, and what a simply refreshing way to say good morning to your innards.

Yes, after I saw my brother-in-law drinking it I could have hit up the Google and checked out why people do this. It just never occurred to me until I surrounded myself with people who were going in the same forward growth direction I was. Then I listened.

So I took on this habit in the morning and added it to my morning ritual. It has become the first thing I do when I get up other than visit the loo and grab my glasses. (Ok, I also get dressed first because the kids don’t appreciate me wandering around all kinds of naked… But as soon as they move out… ;)) I digress. But it has taken over as the first thing I do when I reach my kitchen in the morning. Before starting my coffee. Prepared before I take my morning supplements. It’s the first thing I do.

I’ve come to enjoy this habit so it has been firmly woven into my morning routine.

And that is really the star of this show right here: the morning ritual.

I already had a successful ritual, a very specific way I start every single day no matter what. Nothing derails this way I wake up and begin my day. It’s my foundation. When we’re kids we looked at the adults who had “their way” every morning and laughed and swore we would never be that rigid.

Little did we know how much success a morning routine creates and that the smart ones of us would end up doing the same. The even smarter ones would be intentional about crafting this morning magic.

Oh, yes. It is magic. Rituals create success! They create steadiness. They create energy. And the quality of your energy dictates the quality of your days. So my lemon water has become the first step to dictating the quality of energy I take with me through the day.

Here are the benefits I’ve had from adding the lemon water routine to my morning ritual:

  • Better digestion through the day
  • Improved food decisions through the day (this is a total mental game and it works)
  • My skin quality HAS improved (like significantly!)
  • I feel refreshed and awake instantly

You may or may not like making sure you’ve got a full stock of lemons to squeeze all week long, but at the very least you might want to nail down your morning success ritual. The same thing, every day, no matter what, so that you start the day with intention and energy. Here are a few tips to setting yourself up for success using a morning ritual:

  • Begin the night before by preparing what you will need in the morning, this supports creating the new habit by removing obstacles like choice
  • Choose things that fill your proverbial cup and take care fo you
  • Give yourself enough time, uninterrupted (hello, children…), to gift yourself this ritual
  • Pay attention to what actually steals your energy in the morning (looking at your phone for any reason) versus gives you energy (going outside for 5 minutes to take in fresh air)
  • Remove habits from your routine that aren’t aligned with your desired outcome (keeping your phone out of your reach until X time no matter what)
  • Begin your day as close to the same time each day as possible

It doesn’t take much to create a successful and energizing morning routine – and it’s lots of fun because it’s all about YOU and what brings you goodness, health, happiness, and energy. It’s one of the best ways to be selfish ever!

The quality of the energy you start your day with will dictate the quality of your day.

Try it. And maybe add some lemon water, too.

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