The Creative’s Growth Shift

I’m nothing if not blunt and authentic.

It’s been a fucking shitshow of a year and half.

If you’re reading this in the future, I’ll date this for you: July 14th, 2021.

Unless you’ve been under a rock you know that this is the slightly opening up time after the heart of the Covid pandemic, and things are… different.

The last 18 months haven’t been horrific because of the pandemic, though. Yes, watching the world unravel the way it did WAS horrific. That made things difficult and worse, but for the most part, my family was sheltered because of the lifestyle we live. We didn’t have many changes to how we went about our days minus a few social things.

For us, it was a struggle within the home with a kidlet.

It demanded every drop of my energy.

It demanded that I grow quickly as a parent.

It demanded a massive shift in how we relate as family members.

It required a mental shift in perspective.

It necessitated a strengthening of love and trust in my marriage.

It forced me to be courageous in ways many parents will never have to do.

It also made me reexamine how I spend my time in all ways, as well as what fills me and what drains me. Important things, REALLY important things, were highlighted while others that stole energy or passion from me were blacked out with a big, fat, life-sized sharpie marker.

It changed who I am forever.

Since the beginning of this year (2021) I’ve been rebuilding from the inside out and that includes my art and what I create.

I’ve evolved from my 12 years focusing on cake and edible medium as my art form – AND IT FEELS FREAKING AMAZING.

I’ve gotten the question from people “Did something happen in the cake world?” and the fact that that could be the only or first or biggest reason for me to step into a new part of my artistic journey is a very telling thing for me.

Just a few years ago I would probably have made the same assumption of a well-known, established, talented caker suddenly deciding they didn’t want to do cake anymore. Something must have happened because why would someone give up what they’ve spent so many years creating and that they were so good at?

The narrative coach in me (yes, that a big part of my work with clients and students) sees how narrow that mindset and perspective is – that journeying outside success must only be as a response to bad situations.

Well, yes and no.

Bad in the cake world? Nope.

Bad situation in my home? Yep.

But still far more nuanced than that, and that’s why I’m writing my brain and heart down for you to explore and maybe you’ll be able to connect with it.

For all that happened last year, I recognized what I absolutely could not do without, and in contrast exactly what could never be again; what filled me up in a transcendent way, and what drained me; what helped me move forward in my days and what paralyzed me; what brought me deep peace and what rattled my cage.

Possibly the most popular snarky stamping I’ve done yet…

The Fucking Stories We Tell Ourselves

Sifting through those feelings was hard, and it became clear that it was hardER because I had lost touch with my deep, authentic, creative, artist self. I had been thirsty for a return to my fine arts roots for years, and in 2020 it became too much. I needed to make. I needed to connect with something inside me that I had forced into dormancy because I believed what people said…

“You’d be nuts for giving up cake! You’re so good at it!”

“Don’t throw away all you’ve built!”

“Just change some of what you’re doing with cake, you have too many assets to not use them.”

“You’ve done so well, do you really want to start over small again?”

Yes, that’s cake. everything you see is 100% edible.

Here I am, a narrative coach using theories and methodologies designed by incredible psychologists, based in science, psychology, and human behavior, and I’m not catching my own internal shit narrative despite deep longing for different and more.

[psssstttt! that’s why even coaches need a coach for themselves. It gets you through that crap quicker and without being alone mucking through it.]

Then one day, while doing a sketch study of an octopus I wanted to sculpt out of airdry clay, I heard it – I heard the shit story that I had been telling myself for years about my artistry and ability. I had stopped trusting my hands to execute what was in my mind’s eye long ago.

That story, “My hand just don’t won’t work the way they used to and I can’t translate these ideas into three dimensions”, was a seed that grew into SO MANY other crap stories about not doing, not taking the leap I knew I could, and not creating. The massive, unhealthy, diseased tree that grew from that little seed was immense and it was overshadowing everything that could have grown if not for its dominance and soul-sucking existence.

Well, let me tell you, the response that came out of my mouth audibly when I finally recognized that story for what it was… it was both honest, irritating, angry, and hilarious all at once.

“What the fuck are you telling yourself Kara? Somehow your hands can’t make long flowy lines that look exactly as you, despite having done it in the past?!? You can’t retrain yourself because you’re somehow immune to learning?!?”

It was laughable and it was freeing.

And instantly, in that exact moment of sketching a long, flowy tentacle my pencil stroke was perfect. I loved it, gentle but definite, just the right length, beautiful placement… It all shifted that quick.

But that was just the beginning of shifting the things I’d create in the coming months, things that surprised and delighted me. Things like functional whimsy for everyday use in the home like an octopus wall plate, artful brooms and besoms, handmade recycled paper (some with ridiculously fun stamping on them), macramé, heritage arts, and mixed-media art journaling.

Things that I even had to get over my own prejudices and judgment about because I wanted to pursue them. It’s been an odd, tangled ball of twisted cord and yarn.

Growing Creatively As A Spiritual Journey

Unraveling it has been a spiritual (not religious) journey that I want to continue for always.

And that’s what I want to share with you – how I unraveled and began to re-weave me into the cool tapestry that I was always meant to be…

Fluid and changing as humans and artists do.

Growing through creating as creation is meant to facilitate.

Finding a deeper connection to meaning in the world and within.

And having a freaking amazing time doing it because it satisfies, quenches, feeds, fills, energizes, delights, amuses, exhilarates, entertains, heals, grows, discovers, comforts, bewitches, enchants, entrances, intoxicates, entices, or insert any word that you want to experience from an authentic REAL connection to creating.

It has breathed new life into me, and it feels like the first time I’ve been able to REALLY breathe in the world.

Here’s The Big Idea for You

If you’re still reading, here’s your opportunity that will only be offered once like this…

It’s time to bring my two sweet spots together and help you awaken parts of you that may have been asleep so long you didn’t know they were even there.

I have a long-established course on personal narrative that has changed my coaching client’s lives – and since all of my clients came from my creative world I’ve been working with many of them as well in diving into new creative worlds to amplify what they are already doing with the science-based methodology we use.

And I finally know how to bring these two things together into a comprehensive personal creative growth coaching program and it excites the hell out of me!

Combining my Science of Change coaching program with a specific part of my CREATE course strategies for artists, this will be immensely powerful. I think the two were always meant to get married into one program but needed to find themselves separately first, kinda like partners.

I know what rooting out deeply embedded and disguised toxic narrative can do to grow a person, both because I’m a student of the methodology myself and a coach of it.

I also know the power of finding your authentic voice as an artist – the things that set you apart because you are different (not better) than anyone else because there’s only one you.

If you’re a human that wants to grow in life and as an artist, this is for you.

I deeply enjoy working with creatives of all types and I know the stories we tell ourselves as humans, women, and artists, and I know the majority culture narrative that compounds everything we think and believe about what we want to do in life…

And to grow past all those confining and restricting and strangling ideas, you need a skilled coach and a like-minded community who is on the same sometimes scary but incredible journey with you.

If you’re interested in hearing more of the specifics I have in mind, click THIS and I’ll send you an email with more of the specifics.

Just know that this will be the first time I offer this program and since I’ll be crafting it in response to YOU each step of the way, shifting and moving as we go, specifically to support exactly where you are going and what you need to get there. And because it’s not all polished just yet, and you’ll be helping me make it all shiny and pretty with your feedback, it will be a lower price than what it will be in the future. It’s a way of saying thanks for helping me help you better than I could by just making stuff on my own.

AND, as I have done in the past with all of my other first offer programs, you’ll automatically get a reserved spot in the second release and enrollment of the program once it’s all polished up from what we co-created together. This is possibly one of the best things about joining me the first time around, because you get to do it again, and every one of my coaching students has always been hungry to keep going and see how much further they can go with continuing this altering and ridiculously cool work… and the community will have you hooked! There is nothing so connecting as going on a meaningful journey with people who are looking to do bigger things in the same way you are. The connections that have been formed in my student and coaching client communities have become life-long friendships for many that they deeply cherish and that fill them from their souls.

I know, that sounds like big promises, but I can make them because I’ve done this many times across many different courses and programs of my own. I have the track record of attracting the most amazing creative humans to me and strategically creating experiences within the group that are dynamic and synergistic. And you will happily never be the same for it.

So if you want a few more details, read this short bullet point list:

  • Dates: Begins August 2nd and it will last through December 1st where we’ll have a “graduation” party of sorts virtually (these are always crazy fun!)
  • My course Science of Change (text book will be sent to you)
  • Weekly group coaching – 90 minute Zoom sessions recorded
  • Monthly Office Hours – 8 hour open door Zoom room I’ll be attending where people come and hang out, chat about cats, ask questions about narrative, create art together, or not attend at all because they have other stuff happening. Attend these for an hour, or all day. No rules, use as needed.
  • 2 Special topic deep-dive workshops (topics chosen based on group needs that could be about marriage, communication, entrepreneur business topics, trauma and forgiveness, money mindset mastery, or any number of relevant topics)
  • Art journaling kit (mailed to you)
  • CREATE mini course (getting into your authentic creative zone using the skills you’ve built in Science of Change)
  • The virtual “Coffee Spot” hang out
  • And there will be other things as we move along the path together!
  • Lastly, and as I mentioned in the last email, you’ll be able to rejoin the 2.0 version of (I don’t have a name for this yet… I’m thinking we could figure that out together, too!) at the same founder’s price as this first time around. New enrollees for the 2.0 version will be paying more. You get to cozy right into that founder’s spot 🙂

So there it is. That’s what I have in mind. Rest assured, I’ve done ALL of this before, so it’s not a flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of thing. I’ve taught all of this and my students’ results speak for themselves. I do have a maximum number of students I will take on and there are three spots already occupied. If you want to join, head over to the enrollment page and save your seat!


Hope to see you inside the not-yet-named-but-that’s-ok-because-we-don’t-require-labels program!

Boldly & Fearlessly,

P.S. The enrollment size is limited and 3 spots are already spoken for, so hop over and check out the enrollment page to see if it’s the right fit for you 🙂