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How to Lead (in Corona times and always)

Being a leader is tough sometimes. Actually, it can utterly suck.

Leaders are just as human as anyone else and are susceptible to the same emotions as anyone else. We share fear, worry, dread, uncertainty, and gloom.

We also have moments of “It’s not happening to me.” Choosing instead to live (mistakenly sometimes) in a blissful bubble of denial.

The difference is that we know that place can’t last – we must do better, be stronger, use our skills to their maximum potential in good times and bad times. Right now is that time. In the time of Corona Virus.

Yes, lots of people are done talking about it, hearing about it, reading about it, thinking about it, trying to overcome it… Consider for a moment that it’s your moral imperative to NOT hide from it, especially if you’re a leader.

“Moral (categorical) Imperative – an objective, rationally necessary and unconditional principle that we must always follow despite any natural desires or inclinations we may have to the contrary.”

Immanuel Kant (1724 – 1804)

Many people who are leaders can fall into imposter syndrome right now, feeling like they had nothing deeper to offer than the specific thing they are known and followed for. If this is you, you are woefully mistaken. You are looking at the need from the wrong perspective.

The need isn’t specific skills in leadership or in tending to emotions or in understanding the science behind viral disease.

The skills are to show up for people and help them make good decisions for themselves. To be visible and a bit more transparent than usual. To be boldly you will help others feel taken care of and lead, and most people want to be lead, rather than to flail alone wondering what would be the best decision for them.

I want to challenge you to take your presence to your people – be that family, friend circle, business followers, church, ESSENTIAL workplace – and lead. Be the person who will speak and who infuse honesty, hope, and strength into others. Your ability to do this t the best of your ability currently IS WHAT IS ESSENTIAL.

Speak truth.
Promote global-mindedness.
Be a voice of consciousness.
Share hope for the future.
Challenge people to take responsibility.

Your work matters right now – though it may be different work than what you’re used to earning a paycheck for.

The world needs you to show up big and strong. And it’s more than just your responsibility, it’s your obligation and duty.

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