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Three Ways to Transform with Me
There are a few ways you can choose to work with me... No matter the path you choose, there will be great fun and transformation ahead! 
Personal and Entrepreneurial Coaching 
Growth is something we're all meant to do always - our brains were made for it. Somewhere along the line, life convinces us that it's not a priority, it's not necessary, and that there is no time for such frivolous things.

I call bullshit.

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Little-to-no cake exists here. This is about YOU the human, and YOU the entrepreneur.
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We all know that pretty cake doesn't make a successful at home cake business.

If you want to make your cake habit work for you, to fit and support your lifestyle, you need the skills and tools to set yourself apart and be able to charge more for your cakes.

What if you could work less, and earn more?

What if you could master your own brain and begin to hack your success like never before?

CakeLife Academy might be the perfect place for you!
Check Out the Academy
Learn Cake Decorating
and Food Art

If you love food art, specifically sugar and cake art, the place to find fun, innovative, "wow, that's cake?!?" tutorials and how-tos is waiting for you!

Visit and discover what your inner cake artist has been dying to create :)

Food Art.
Let's Decorate!
What People Are Saying...
Scott B.
"Kara is like the shiatsu massage of coaches."
Betsy F.
"I LOVED LOVED your LC presentation! What really got me was when you said something like "they come for the cake but stay for the healing". I immediately thought "I can do that!!!!" ....Your talk was a huge paradigm shift for me. So thank you!"
Jhanine W.
"...My mental health has improved 10 fold which, in turn, has benefited my family the same way. So here I am. Taking and entirely new path. Following a completely uncharted horizon. And, for the first time in 10 years, 100% excited and passionate about what I'm doing! I'm making my own way; my best life. And I'm loving every moment of it!"
Jaime C.
Just wanted to say how great it feels to really sit down & set myself some proper goals! I actually feel like I have some sort of trajectory for where I want to head...NOW I am excited for the future!"
Jennifer A.
"I can't even begin to explain how much of a difference in life, mindset, and experience you have made. I'm beyond grateful. I'm a loyal avid fan and supporter of everything you do! <3
"You're the only one can ensure that you live the life of your dreams."
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Join my ChangeMakers Newsletter and get transformational ideas, challenges, and opportunities right in your inbox. I won't email often, but it'll always be good!
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