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I Saw Vanilla Cake Heal People

Odd sounding, right?

If you’re new ‘round these parts it’s important to know that I got my start in growth coaching because I worked with home-based cakers to build profitable and sustainable businesses around their chosen lifestyle (and I still do).

“Cakers” is the pronoun we cakey people give ourselves, by the way. Cake is also a verb as well as a general noun. We make cake to help others celebrate special moments in life. Cakers.

Through teaching baking and decorating first, I realized that there was immense power in someone being able to “finally” bake a scratch vanilla cake. And at first the comments dumbfounded me. I didn’t understand the excitement that was happening around a simple vanilla cake.

Then, like a ton of “Now Do You Get It” bricks hitting me in the face, it happened. I connected to dots and realized that this small thing wasn’t small to other people. The previous failed attempts at baking a vanilla cake for them was evidence that they couldn’t live up to how awesome their Grandmother or Mother was in the kitchen. It was more mounting evidence that they were not skilled in yet another area of life. It was further evidence that trying new things just wouldn’t work out for them and they should just stop.

Failing at making vanilla cake – while easily and forgettable as it might be to me – was laced with self-shame and damnation for them.

When I teach, I explain thoroughly, and not because I’m some grand teacher (though I do think I’m gifted 😉 ) rather because that’s how I learn, so that’s how I explain. I need all the info. Total info junkie right here. All the ‘whys’ and ‘why not’s. I need to understand why I’m being told to do something or I won’t fully get it and will intentionally find something to ignore. I’m a limit tester, boundary pusher, and a “If you said I have to but won’t tell me why, then I’m not going to.” So I teach those people who are need-to-know-all-the-whys kinds of people like me. If that’s you, you’re in the right place and you will enjoy your home here.

I believe that honoring every human’s inquisitiveness and ability to learn and get it is why my teaching goes deep and builds inner gumption with my cakey peeps. Because…

Then they get it. FINALLY a successful scratch vanilla cake.

This is validation that they CAN get it. That they aren’t broken or lesser. They are just as capable as anyone else on the planet of baking a good vanilla cake and are equally likely as anyone on the planet to have a flop. Validation they are right on par with everyone else. Old story rewritten.

From “I’m just not good enough.” to “I can do this!”

I watched this silly vanilla cake warm people’s hearts and cause giddy tales of success drop into my inbox. It was fun!

I can’t heal the world, but together we can make it better.

Kara andretta

And it made me want to understand more. So I listen to the people in my cake community and found other “I’m not good enough” pain happening around other the success of their business and what they were earning and whether they felt valued by others for their talent. So I learned more, and I answered by helping home-based cakers build strong businesses through teaching, you guessed it, business!

Even still, despite their newfound success with having more business skills than other local cakers, they still struggled. They assumed it was their business. They assumed it was someone outside their headspace.

But it was actually them.

So I learned more. And I trained. And I practiced on myself, and then brought it to my tribe.

And so it happened. I began coaching the human and the psyche. Guiding them at a soul-deep level to overcome old indoctrination and stories, rewrite their future from power and possibility, and embark on changes they never dared dream.

Vanilla cake started it, and now I’m traveling along an incredible journey of helping other humans get curious about themselves, be happier, more successful, thriving, abundant, joyful, freer, richer, and stronger versions of themselves. The version that exists when you’re 4 and think you can be a firefighter, veterinarian, princess, mom, and astronaut when you grow up and who doesn’t mind going out of the house in a tutu with a Spiderman mask-wearing tap shoes and baseball cap. THAT kind of confident, carefree freedom. I want you to join me.

I want to inspire the world to live authentically and that begins with me being vulnerable and honest with you here: I need you and everyone you know that is somehow living less than what they were made to live to join my tribe. Please invite them to join us. Please share this post via the Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram buttons or email, or just shove your phone in someone’s face if you think they would enjoy being part of this space. You can also join my newsletter below so you never miss a beat or anything awesome that might happen. And awesome happens on the regular in my world.

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