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You’re the Only Reason You’re Not Getting Paid for Your Art

…not your customers’.

Back in 2016 when I was working exclusively with home-based cakebiz owners, I saw this video. While it came a couple years after I had already been approaching my own business differently when it comes to valuing my talent and time, it still hit such a nerve!

I already knew the whole right-fit customer (avatar in marketer speak) for any industry or niche – YES even in art and craft – and positioned myself at the high end of the spectrum successfully. But still, there’s always that nagging little voice somewhere inside: “You’d get more people if you just dropped the price a bit…”

Have you ever felt that? That little inkling of fear that someone is going to say “Why is it so much?!?” or “I can get that cheaper… maybe make it myself.”

Yeah, we all know those comments, and even though they inflame us and we have every retor and reasonw hy they are totally wrong, we still shrink away a little bit at hearing them.

It’s like creative/artist trauma! Then anytime we’re asked for price or have to enter it into Etsy or whatever selling point we have it gets your heart rate up. You hesitate at typing the numbers even though you could go back and edit them. It’s like even seeing the umber we really want to be paid is something scary!

There are so many reasons for this guttural reaction we artists and creatives share around money. But they mostly don’t matter…

What DOES matter is how to overcome that because DAMMIT YOU DESERVE TO BE PAID WHAT YOU ARE WORTH!

This was a huge part of my curriculum as a cakebiz coach because if your passion has become a business, you cannot LOSE your passion because you’re not getting paid. It’s a super fine line between “I make a cool living (or earn great extra cash) getting paid to make my art” to “I sell my art”.

Do those sound like the same statement to you?

Try saying each out loud while thinking about your business. Personalize it to you if it helps. But you should feel a distinct difference in saying each one.

If you don’t fully feel the first statement, if it’s doesn’t elicit a big smile on your face representing your deep truth about your art, then you’re not yet doing it right.

Yada yada yada that it’s just a hobby or it doesn’t really matter.

The fact is, when you get paid WELL for what you create, you can do so much more on this planet, and not just in terms of your art!

I won’t chat about all the benefits of earning really good money, that would be another awesome blog post here, but let me summarize it for you:

When you earn more for what you create, you gain more freedom in your life in every realm. And who the hell doesn’t want that?!?

How do you accomplish this?

Attract the right people so that your price makes so much sense to your right-fit customer – but get over making a “no” personal. Because it’s not.

If you’re going to be the cheap artist, people will assume your art is cheap. Lower prices are less attractive to the people you want to be attracted to your work.

So I’d like to encourage you to watch this 5:51 video on Facebook.

Last note on this: The other component of difficulty for our creative kind is that we are, well, CREATIVES! By and large, we have a major narrative to fight about being “starving artists” or whatever variation you’re accustomed to.

Again, a topic for another creative post 🙂

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