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Down the Creative’s Rabbit Hole

I’ve been making paper. And brooms. And clay sculptures. And art journals of mixed media. And soon it’ll be bookbinding using my handmade paper.

It has been one of the most freeing exercises I’ve ever embarked on as a creative or as a person: shut up and just make shit.

After working with so many creatives it’s easy to see the ONE THING that keeps people locked inside their own inspiration and abilities: inaction.

Creatives strive endlessly for perfection.

The perfect idea.

The perfect tool.

The perfect time.

The perfect teacher.

The perfect choice for their audience.

The perfect customer.

The perfect finished piece.

Hey. I know that happens and I know how paralyzing it is.

Too much thinking and second-guessing. Too much talking to others about being stuck and not knowing what to do. Too much worrying about making the wrong thing, or not doing it right, or wasting time and money.

Here’s the thing, though: you’re spending your precious energy and time in the wrong place.

Instead of all the searching and talking and thinking, try this:

Shut up and just make shit.

Seriously, and lovingly, none of that stuff matters. None of it, even your paralysis.

If your house was on fire you’d still be able to take action and get out, yes? Even grab the most important things while running like those you love.

You CAN do things even when you don’t feel like it, it’s just that you’re spending mental and physical energy on talking about WHY you can create and how you should create.

Stop that!

I’m wondering, though, if you’re sitting there feeling completely uninspired to create any certain thing yet still desperately thirsty to create. It’s such a weird duality! I’ve felt that before and it took me a long time to figure out how to get through that craptasticness. It’s something I teach my students and walk them through on a deeper level inside my membership, but I have a simplified and quickie version for you. It’s a downloadable pdf to help bust through creative paralysis using my Rabbit Hole method. It’s yours for free, just scroll down and fill out the form.

And that’s where the making brooms, paper, clay sculptures that are mounted to my light switches, bookbinding, foiling, and a plethora of other creative adventures came from. It began with going down a rabbit hole intentionally unintentionally. And then I realized what was happening and decided to follow the rabbit

Yes, I’m very much illuding to Alice. No other story or film has captured my creative imagination and opened my inner creative eye like the idea of Alice. Hence the image above.

I invite you to take a small sip of the Rabbit Hole exercise with this gift.

It will get you inspired.

It will give you the clarity to make that first fateful decision.

Most importantly it will get you creating outside your comfort zone and with wild abandon!

So if you’re…

  • a creative
  • feeling stuck creatively
  • wanting to do something new, just don’t know what
  • feeling BLAH about what you’re currently making
  • earning money making but need to stand out
  • looking to make a difference in the world with your creative abilities
  • just want to get into more creative fun in an intentional way

… then this is perfect for you.

My new journey away from cake began here, and it’s been deeply satisfying, awakening, joy-filled, and full of amazing new surprises.

Join me!

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