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When you start choosing your own story, you begin crafting the life you've always wanted.
But first, you need to kick everyone else out of your head - they're stealing time from your one wild and precious life.
Curious about what's inside The Change Lab?
The Change Lab is a 12 month group coaching program designed to infuse your brain with change science to create the kind of last permanent, identity level change that all other programs fail to provide. Screw those guys. The Change Lab has what you've been needing.

The Science of Change

The SIGNATURE course in all of my coaching, this science based methodology is not my creation: it comes from 30+ years of research and empirical evidence showing us how to achieve lasting, permanent change. Illuminating and prescriptive, this course changes lives because it proves to you that YOU CAN CHANGE.

Primals for Life and Business

Primal world views are basic, instinctive answers humans have about how they view the world and people in it. It dictates just about everything we do and how we think. But here's the thing: we can shift the ones that don't serve us and when we do, the world becomes a new place with new possibility. It's not woowoo - it's more science.

Change Action Plan

This is a key and critical component of the scientific steps of change and I'll be co-creating your first one with you and supervising any adjustments or additions so that you can be confident you are on the right track.

Change Base Camp

A two-day virtual intensive that brings together everything we learn in the first month of exploring. This is the pinnacle of the change science learning and the moment of implementation with change plans and logs. Real-time journey through the 8 steps of change culminating in a plan you can start the next day.

Weekly Group Coaching

Each week there will be a 90 minute coaching call where the group will gather to ask questions based on the thematic week: personal growth, business development, and relationships. Each week we zero in on one of those topics and look at your questions through the lens of change science and primals to find creative and science-aligned solutions.

Monthly Open Office Hours

Once per month we will have a 12 hour open office hours. DOn't worry, you don't need to show up for 12 hours. I'll be there hostessing the whole time but just like in college you can pop in, stay for a while, stay the whole time, or maybe pass on coming at all. Casual, fun, deep, coaching, sharing pictures of you cats... it's whatever it turns into for connection, community, growth, and learning. 

Course: Marriage and Trust

This course has saved failing marriages and has rejuvenated dry, lifeless ones. It has also added new dimensions and spark to strong and happy marriages. Just like when you achieve the body fitness of your dreams, you don't stop working out or eating healthy - a strong and healthy marriages takes learning new things and strengthening your trust and deep friendship. This is the course for anyone married, or anyone who interacts with other humans on the planet.

Course: Marriage and Conflict

What if I told you that in marriage fights are necessary? This course will help you navigate the necessity of conflict and how to fight better. These are skills you need for marriage, but will empower you in life with everyone else because they are rooted in interpersonal communication.

Course: Marriage and Connection

While we look at connection through the lens of marriage, these skills translate to strengthening your relationship with your kids, family of origin, co-workers, and even your customers. At the heart of the human experience, we need each other. Having better skills to connect is about thriving.

Private Facebook Community

Getting to know your peers and connecting socially is one of the most impactful parts of the program. Being with people who speak the same change language as you and understand all the nuances of the science behind the shifts and changes we're after is an absolute must and it's also what will amplify your ability to achieve. 

Curious Course Library

There are tons of topics that are worth understanding enough of, but not necessary to go super deep. That's what will be in the Curious Courses Library. Mini dives into the whys and hows behind what we do and who we are to help illuminate the path of understanding ourselves. This will be a growing library as the group's unique needs are uncovered. These are passive and not live or taught.

Live Virtual Events

These include: Facebook lives to answer questions or explain concepts as they arise; workshops on slightly deeper topics that we can explore together; possible live in person event (can't promise this in 2020, but it's on my "We're going to see if it can happen" list.
1 year coaching program with Kara Andretta 
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