things are CHANGING!
Recipes are leaving...
Cake Art is returning...
Transformations are taking center stage...

When life gives you lemons...
But what if you're growing those lemons, eating those lemons, complaining about those lemons, and then growing more lemons thinking they're solution?

Let me explain...

In short, I've been evolving BIG TIME over the last 4 years and it has been at break-neck pace.

Sometimes I feel like I'm just inching along, but in reality it's crazy fast evolution and change.

I would be lying to you if I didn't say that it was scary. It wasn't consciously scary, but the 95% of my brain that I don't have access to was pretty much shitting it's pants. Why? Because we are wired to avoid change!

And because I wasn't in charge of what was happening and was "going with the flow" and just accepting the consequences and results of my decisions without question or challenge, things started going, well, wrong.

Of course, if you've watched me or been with me over the last 7 years you probably see the amazing things that have happened in my business, how things bloomed and then BOOMED and got bigger and more awesome. And that is all true. What you saw was real.

What you didn't see was the impact that had on lots of things like my kids.

...and my marriage.
...and my health.
...and my happiness.

Unbridled and unintentional success took its toll on all the areas of my life that should have mattered most.

My business and every new opportunity became the focus, THE priority, and the only thing I thought about. Zero consideration for the impact it would have anywhere else in my life.

Oddly enough, that still wasn't the biggest problem.

The nail in my coffin was being completely out of control, out of alignment, off purpose (actually, fully out of purpose), and living without any intention.

That was killing me.

I was making decisions that truly didn't make sense and began to harm the thing I spent all my time, energy, mental space, and emotions on: my BUSINESS (not to mention everyone and everything around me).

FUCK! I was giving my all to it; I was married to my business; I was eating, sleeping, and breathing my business; it was my baby; it was my financial resource; it was my soul...

And it was killing all the real things in my life.

Sound dramatic?

It's not, because that is how it felt. And if you've ever felt like this, you know exactly what I mean.

In 2018 I came to a breaking point, and leaned into, and heavily upon, a mastermind group I was part of. This close knit group of 18 amazing entrepreneurs poured into me and shared guidance and resources with me.

One friend, Stephen, shared his life coach experience with me and gave me his coach's contact info.

I emailed her, then spoke with her, then nearly signed a coaching contract with her... nearly.

Something was stopping me. I didn't know what it was but it was STRONG. It was heels-dug-into-clay-earth strong and I just couldn't do it. I really forced myself to think about why this was so tough, and it wasn't that it was about change.

It was because I already had a known resource, an expert in EVERYTHING I was struggling with, a COACH, in my circle of business friends.

I pretty much ran to her the moment it struck me that it was HER I wanted to work with.

I knew her. I trusted her. I was comfortable with her because we already had a rapport and a common circle.

I sent her a message instantly on Facebook and within about 15 minutes life was changing for the better and forever.

The lesson?
Stop and listen to yourself and TRUST YOURSELF.

I don't mean trust the Doubting Debbie in your head (I'm sorry if your name is Debbie... I'm certain you are awesome!).

I don't mean trust the voices of the outside world telling you what they think you should do and what they think you need.

I mean that little nagging voice that is n the center of you, coated thick in the world's bullshit that is so faint it's hard to hear. That voice that gets questioned more than the voice that tears you apart. That voice that still, after all this time, fixates on that sliver of hope of reclaiming this life for its own.

Listen to THAT voice.

That's the one I listened to and it has taken me on an even crazier journey but one that I WAS IN CHARGE OF this time.

And it has lead to this moment of clarity, focus, excitement, intention, empowerment, and growth.

The changes:

  1. I will no longer be publishing new recipes on Kara's Couture Cakes.
  2. Food will no longer be center stage in my business.
  3. I will be reclaiming my art and decorating and teaching the skill side of incredible cake decorating.
  4. My primary focus is now on transforming lives through working with cake business owners on the business and life growth they need to live aligned, live authentically, live unapologetically, live impactfully, and in joy.
  5. Coaching change and growth is now my main hub.

For me, this is exciting! And here's why in a nut shell:
  1. I've found my PURPOSE and these big changes are fully in alignment with my purpose.
  2. This will support my chosen lifestyle (out of the box digital entrepreneur and homeschooling mom who can come and go around the globe as she pleases with her family).
  3. I want to make a bigger impact in the world, and shedding the things that bound and limited me is the chaos clearing that my brain needs to do bigger things.

The biggest reason I'm making these changes:
I'm going to die one day and I want to live BIG for the days I'm wandering this incredible planet.


Not a "midlife crisis". I HATE that term.

It's a midlife awakening, and it's beautiful and normal to come to this place of "Shit. I could be half way to the end. When is life going to start? When does it turn into what I always thought it was going to be? When am I going to be different?"

Yep. That was me not too long ago and when the answer came to me it was like a ton of bricks AND a set of wings to fly!


So that's what I'm doing - making choices based on this being my one and only life and to support living it the way I dream of living it.

And that means there are new opportunities for you, too.

I would LOVE for you to jump in and join me to begin YOUR OWN growth journey!

There are two ways to do that, and I would love for you to let me know how you would like to stay connected to me (you CAN choose all three :) )

Three Ways to Transform with Me
There are a few ways you can choose to work with me... No matter the path you choose, there will be great fun and transformation ahead! 
Personal and Entrepreneurial Coaching 
Growth is something we're all meant to do always - our brains were made for it. Somewhere along the line, life convinces us that it's not a priority, it's not necessary, and that there is no time for such frivolous things.

I call bullshit.

Join my FREE Facebook group to start learning about change, get some great free info to begin experiencing what real change on your terms feels like, and to get first dibs on the various coaching courses I offer.

Little-to-no cake exists here. This is about YOU the human, and YOU the entrepreneur.
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Food Art.
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The Shortest Possible Rundown...
No more baking.

Blogging about cake business and life transformation only.

I'm narrowing this shit down because I know what I want and who I want to help - and I can't help everyone.

The full WHY behind my decision to cut a big and powerful part of my business and life:

When the baking side became the focus (recipes, testing, making, sharing, blogging, teaching) many MANY things went awry.

1. I lost my passion for the artistic side (which was the whole point of my caking journey and what my entire business was built upon).

2. My business became an excuse for poor health.

3. I attracted many of the wrong people to me that did not fit my purpose (imagine Apple attracting people who avoid innovative technology... It would tank their business).

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed baking, it's an innate and intuitive talent of mine. But bakinga nd sharing recipes on a blog and social media don't pay the bills. It does, however, get you lots of criticism from people who don't think you are a business because they are just recipes...

I'm simply evolving for my own betterment AND because I can impact the world in far greater ways.

I live on purpose.
I live my ever growing and changing journey out loud and for people to see.
I live to help others transform and live bigger, happier, more satisfying lives ON THEIR TERMS.

There are no apologies here for letting go of a big part of my business, because there is nothing to apologize for. This is my life and my life only and I don't live it for anyone else. And that is the example I want to show and live out for YOU.

And here's the awkward but genuine truth: I know you may not be interested in anything I do any longer, especially if you've been drawn to the delicious food and recipes I share... You might even decide to unsubscribe from my newsletters about decorating, cake biz, and personal growth coaching.

That is ok with me, but I know I still can and want to serve you. Every human experiences change, and when you're the one in control of it and have a framework to use that makes it easier you have immense power over your life.

But that's up to you. Will you stay for the journey?

If you want to live authentically, unapologetically, and intentionally on your own terms,
I want you to join me!
Show Me How To Connect With You
I'm so excited for everything that is ahead! And if any part of what I'm offering sounds good to you, please join me!
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