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AI Originated Art and Creative Gatekeeping

I have a question for you about the purity creative culture and gatekeeping. It’s one that I’m seeing debated a bunch in art and maker groups I’m part of over on the Faceplace. People have SUPER strong opinions on it (and I have my own) but I’d LOVE to know what you think… ready for it?

Is AI (artificial intelligence) digital art ART? Well, digital art in general – is it ART?

Many people think it’s “cheating” or not real because it wasn’t something 100% done and studied by the human and there’s ability for something else to make it easier or make decisions.

Do you think that’s creative gatekeeping?

And who the hell decides what qualifies as “art” anyways?

And what is the function of art/craft/making if not to delight or challenge the end user/viewer?

If digital and AI art challenges or delights you the consumer of it, isn’t that the point?

I mean if we think about it, people buy mass-produced wall décor and art from huge box stores where it’s made by the 10’s of thousands. They are generally quickly designed by someone who isn’t necessarily an artist, and then sold for big profits to thousands of people.

Yet a thoughtfully hand-created piece of digital art is somehow less valuable to many artists.

And further than that, an AI-originated piece of art requires the ability to conceptualize and verbalize ideas, aesthetics, moods in a way that a non-sentient computer program can understand and requires the artists to also learn the AI’s language and keep up with the AI’s evolution.

How is that not just as sophisticated as decorating a cake, or crocheting a perfectly fitted camisole, or painting a landscape to specifically capture color?

Oh my goddess, I’m FULL of the questions today.

Part of it is the AI originated artwork I’ve been making, and it’s been such a wild ride. The process is unique as far as creating goes because you have to bring all the language skills and knowledge of aesthetics to the table to truly create an intentional and meaningful piece, but you also have to learn the bot’s language. And like a child, it continues to learn across all the users and so it evolves. You have to keep in touch and keep up.

There’s also needing to be able to give up the idea of controlling the absolute outcome because you’re working with an outside and independent intelligence that isn’t your own and cannot “see” art in its mind’s eye the way we do.

I challenge that it’s harder to create meaningful and provocative art this way, and when you succeed in evoking a reaction, a STRONG reaction, from the viewer, you’ve transcended “you’re just typing words into a machine and letting it spit shit out”.

Oh, it’s so much more than that.

And my entire goal in life is to help others CREATE in whatever way that makes sense for them and I’d be remiss to not explore AI originated art, because it may be just the perfect thing for someone, or many someones, to get them into creating once again.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Hit reply and share?

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