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A new decade – and so we begin with day 1…

2019 has been one hell of a year. And it ended one incredible decade.

Many I know look back on all those who were lost, the things that haven’t exactly gone to plan, the things that weren’t accomplished, and the negative side of things.


The fact is that we had many MANY more good things happen through the bad and we need to choose to see that and weigh it heavier in our minds and hearts. And yes, it’s a choice. A conscious, intentional, effort-requiring choice that we all have the privilege to make.

Here’s the thing, though. Brains are in fact programmed to fixate on the negative. We are naturally biased to negative, so you can’t get too down on your brain for going there. That is until you know better and that you can switch that shit off. Which you now know, so no more excuses 😉

I’m out to change that in as many brains as possible in 2020 and in the decade to come. I want you to join me. It begins here, today.

I decided to take on a daunting and exciting challenge for 2020 and it will be lived out right here. My friend, Steve Pavlina, challenged me to a “365 days of…” challenge. 365 days of something. As he put it:

Anyone else considering stepping up for a 365-day challenge for 2020? What feels insane or edgy to you… maybe too insane that you hesitate to share it? Yes, that one… the one you just censored! What would push you way out of your comfort zone in 2020 but could also be hugely impactful or transformational if you actually did it?”

-steve pavlina

Oh yeah. He got me right here: Yes, that one… the one you just censored!

So my commitment is to 365 days of blog posts here for you. one new publication each day.

The things you’ll find are the things that truly light me up inside:

  • Personal growth through science
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Freedom lifestyle

I’ve been holding back on getting this out into the world in a bigger way, and as much as I’ve worked quietly with clients 1-to-1 and with small group programs, I know I’m called to reach more people.

So if you’re in, too… If you’d like to join me on this incredible journey exploring living life freer, on your own terms, authentically, outside the box, using science to shift it all, then watch this place. Sign up for my newsletter (just below) where I’ll update you weekly on what you can find here as well as other cool things I do. Follow me over on Instagram HERE. And join my free Facebook Group where I do free challenges and trainings periodically as well as share awesome offers for transformation.

You in?

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