The Tutorial Place
Skull and Cross Bones ReMix
Learn my gravity defying structure techniques for cakes that amaze!
Discover versatile and impressive methods to take your cakes to a new level
Learn new sugar and food art techniques that will set you apart from the crowd
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Aged Painted Wood Effect
Learn to manipulate sugar to make this realistic wood effect easily and quickly
Use simple tools that you already have in your kitchen
Impress your guests and clients with this fully EDIBLE finish
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Wafer Love Ruffles and Hand Painted Lace
Discover how easy and fun wafer paper textures can be
Endless possibilities once you learn the basics of my signature wrap technique
Use my custom lace templates or make your own using the methods inside
YES! I want to wafer all the things!
Peter, Peter, Booger Eater: The Making of a Sugar Showpiece
Learn to use everyday kitchen items to create amazing and life-like texture
See how mixing airbrush, dusting and paint can bring your sculpted creations to life
Craft the finishing details that make this gross guy oddly adorable
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Reindeer Head Cake Topper
Learn simple sculpting techniques to get this elegant, swooping shape
Create a quick and easy topper for a simple holiday cake
Make your cake shimmer with my edible glitter!
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The Making of a
Grumpy Cake
Learn to make to-scale templates for your carved cakes to make getting the shape you want EASY
Tearn texture techniques to to make your furry critter cakes come to life
Adding creative details to bring your cake master piece to life and set your designs apart from the rest
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How to Make Glowing Isomalt at Home
Learn the best practices to working with isomalt in your home kitchen
Make your party cakes glow to impress your clients and guests
Elevate your designs with a surprise technique only visible when you turn off the lights
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