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On New Years Eve, 2022, I discovered my website had been deleted. It was unrecoverable at all.

Yes, I lost all of my cake blog everything that had been built since August of 2012.

And I'm actually ok.

I've been hesitating to dive fully into my new art and craft, holding back on going boldly into my next part of the creative adventure because of cake.

I'm free now :)

Yes, I am very sad that all my documentation and resources meant for YOU are gone. AND I'm going to slowly rebuild a portion of those resources for you to find here, but all of my work will now be here at which was also lost and needs to be built anew.

It's a task ahead of me that I'm up for and this has created more excitement, hope, possibility, and energy than I've felt about my business in a LONG TIME.

So if you stopped by from a Pin, or found an old link in an email, I am so sorry that there isn't a resource here for you at the moment.

I'm here, though. And moving boldly and fearlessly ahead into the next chapter with wild abandon! Join me!
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