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11 Daily Affirmations for the Female Entrepreneur

First, a bit of science:

When you repeat words to yourself, no matter good or bad, they get stronger in your brain. They continue to lay down more tread along that neural pathway taking a mildly trodden path through the woods and turning it into a 12 lane mega highway with top speeds and zero obstacles.

Use it for good or bad, the physiological changes to your brain when you think the same thoughts over and over are real and eventually become automatic. Be careful about what you allow to take place in your head.

11 Affirmations for the Female Entrepreneur

  1. My unique ideas and contribution are needed in this world.
  2. When I bring my authentic self to my business I am rewarded with money.
  3. I don’t wait for permission to do BIG and SCARY things.
  4. I can see possibilities that others can’t because I am a visionary.
  5. Fear is my indicator that I’m on the right path.
  6. I choose to change the world with my genius, heart, and spirit.
  7. Money flows to me in numerous ways, apparent and unseen.
  8. I courageously take on challenges and opportunities that the universe brings to me.
  9. I am worthy and attract other like-minded worthy people into my life.
  10. I am exactly who and where I am meant to be at this moment in life.
  11. I am fierce and an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Say ’em. Say ’em daily.

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