Well, hi there creative friend!

You’ve found my new space and might be wondering, wtf?!?

Yeah. I get it. I was wondering that, too, when I found both of my websites deleted. But I’m over it and I see how the universe was working in my favor and what that loss allows me to do now… move boldly forward once again!

So what now?



Making all the things!!!

I know me, and I think I know you, too.

We’re multi-creative, inspired by everything we see and easily found daydreaming of new supplies and projects and hobbies.

Many years ago I recognized that I just have too much NEED to create fun, beautiful, interesting stuff to ignore it and pigeonhole myself into one medium. So I stopped.

Now, I just make all the things without judging myself for not “sticking with” the new creative preoccupation. I allow myself to move fluidly from one idea to the next, and trying to incorporate the material and tools I have on hand into the next thing I do.

And then it hits…

…that old story, that nagging worry that there’s something not ok about failing to become a “master” or “good enough” at the thing you just started. Crochet. Watercolor. Sculpting small figurines. Digital design. Wire wrapping. Metal stamping. Lamp making…*insert whatever new craft you’re working on or dreaming of*

While it’s easy to just keep buying the next set of things you need for the new project, it can also become the very thing that starts the shaming around money spending and not using all of the stuff you have.

It’s actually about the journey.

I finally began realizing that being creative, living a creator’s life, isn’t at all about mastery. It’s not even about “Jack of all trades” (though the fully quote is so much more accurate and inspiring than the crap truncated one we hear).

It’s about the joy of discovering new things, and the satisfaction of bringing something to life from the idea in your head.

It about how getting your hands making something new takes you to another place and soothes your soul.

It’s about deciding that your experience of this one wild and precious life (thank you Mary Oliver) really MATTERS and you don’t need permission from anyone to pursue what delights your heart.

So if you’re in…

Then add your name below to my email list and follow me on all the socials – especially TikTok. This is a new, ground->up, building fresh and growing big moment and I’m fucking excited as hell. Tutorials. Blog posts. Resources. Behind the scenes. New projects and fun all the damn time because this neuro-spicy, witchy, snarky, creative coach can’t be stopped by tech gremlins deleting her websites.

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